"Live each day with the freedom to choose what’s right for you." - IIN

My philosophy...

believe that hormonal imbalances lie at the root of a myriad of women's health issues and well-being.  The journey to healing your body is about making small, step-by-step, sustainable changes that address the root of the problem, not just mask your symptoms with another pill.  Our body is absolutely amazing.  Given a chance, with knowledge, patience, and perseverance our body can heal itself with the right tools and mindset.

We are regularly bombarded with contradictory information and divergent opinions on the ever-changing world of health and nutrition.  Moreover, a generation of toxic diet culture has led us away from our intuition.  As a result, it can be extremely hard and frustrating to know what is effective for you and what will make you thrive.  My mission is to help you discover vibrant health that makes you glow from the inside out and fits your lifestyle.  The journey to optimal health can get very overwhelming and isolating at times, but as your coach I'll guide you through all the hills and valleys.




Why choose me?

My intuition-based, science-backed approach combines the latest nutrition science with intuitive healing. I'm here to help guide you in discovering your body's needs through a flexible eating plan tailored to your bio-individuality.

Individualized wellness programs include the  6-week "New Bloom" and the 3-month "Going Steady ".*  To top that off I also offer flexible, single, need-based sessions for when all you need an extra daily dose of  guidance, advice, and encouragement to get you through.  You don't need to be enrolled in the "epic reboot" or the "-" to be eligible for the single sessions.  Come as you are, I'm here for you! 

*For pricing and scheduling, please submit through the forum below.

My core coaching principles:

Health is beautifully unique

Adopt a growth mindset

Simplify everything

Create balance in all areas of life

Embrace challenges with optimism

Small, step by step changes for sustainable wellness

Whatever your current health challenges are, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; and I am here to help you reach it.


I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  It is the largest nutrition school in the world and the leader in holistic wellness education.  Holistic health is about finding balance through the many integral part of your life, rather than exclusively focusing on merely what you eat.  In fact, the word "health", comes from the Old English word "wholeness".  My specialty focus is on women's hormone health and wellness.  My intensive areas of studies included:

  • over one hundred dietary theories

  • numerous lifestyle management modalities/techniques

  • comprehensive field research from the world's leading health and wellness experts.

To schedule a free Health History consultation, find out more information, or just have a little chat, please submit through the contact forum below!

*What is a Health History?

A Health History is a 50 minute chat, where I learn more about you and your health background.  It's a space for you to share your story, ask any questions, and address concerns.  From there, you have the option to work with me in single need-based sessions. or through a 6 week or 3 month program.  

Kayla Moniz, INHC

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