96 Hours in My New Home

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Well, we’re finally in New Mexico. We drove through flash floods in Missouri, ominous shelf clouds in Oklahoma, and windy snowstorms in Texas, but we’re finally here.

In the past 96 hours, I’ve traded lush green trees for sun-bleached sagebrush, and grassy lawns for terracotta hills. Now, I have mountains in my backyard and hummingbirds flitting between the branches outside my window. At night, I can see the city of Albuquerque twinkling in the distance. And just beyond that, the snowcapped mountains of another town stand on the horizon.

I think I like it here already. 

One of the things that surprised me most about this transition is how it doesn’t feel like a transition at all. I thought it would be harder to get used to a new apartment in a new city halfway across the country, but everything has been quite smooth. Our apartment is slowly coming together, and even after just a few days, it’s beginning to feel like home.

With the weekend approaching, I’m excited to see what activities the city has to offer. I’m sure we’ll spend a lot of time exploring our new home. If you have any recommendations for what to do in Albuquerque, please send them my way!

All in all, I’m glad to report that I’m happy. Things are falling together quite nicely and the future holds lots of promise. I can’t wait to share more as this chapter of my story continues!

  • New Mexico is beautiful. I love the desert! Glad to hear you are settling in well already.

  • Isn’t it so strange to have things happen relatively seamlessly?! Especially a big life change?! I’m glad you’re settling in well! — Lisa | Naptime Chai

    • Thanks, Lisa! It is strange. It’s like I’m still waiting for the bump in the road, but I don’t think it’s going to happen!

  • Wow! Congrats, Em! That is so exciting. I’m not sure if I would like the terrain over there. I feel like I would either love it, or miss the green!!! <3

    • Thanks, chica! You know, I was nervous about not liking the terrain, but it turns out I love it! There’s still some green, though not nearly as much as in Wisconsin.